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“Honestly the best management workshop I have attended.”

Manager, Fidelity Investments, Covington, Ohio

“I learned we are all one team, so we must work together, not against each other.”

IT, Egypt


We train people in the art of how to effectively give, and often more importantly, receive acknowledgment, recognition, and praise. We help organizations and leaders understand and deliver the things their people really need to feel valued and work at their best everyday.

We have spent the last seven years conducting research around the globe to understand the role recognition (or the lack thereof) plays in our motivation and engagement at work. In our research, we uncovered a hidden world of associations, misconceptions, and myths around the recognition process that often unconsciously limit people from acknowledging others, sharing successes, and celebrating achievements.

Our services are all designed to break through these barriers and support your organization in developing a common language that makes creating a culture of acknowledgment and appreciation easy.



Organizational Research

Do your employees feel valued? Do you know what your employees really want and need to work at their best? We offer custom surveys and focus groups to help you better understand what your employees need to feel valued at work. We will help you find out what’s working, what’s not working, and gain insights on what you can do to ensure your employees are working at their best.


The Art of Acknowledgment & Engagement

Study after global study shows that recognition is fundamental to the engagement and retention of top talent and the profitability of our organizations. So, why do managers still avoid doing it? Through an interactive process, participants will be exposed to a hidden side of recognition, learn the four common misuses of recognition that foster distrust within organizations, and explore other misconceptions around the recognition process that prevent managers from giving their employees the very thing they need. Participants will walk out of this session keenly aware of the value of recognizing employees and equipped with concrete, easily implementable tools to ensure their employees feel valued and appreciated at work.


The Art of Acknowledgment & Engagement All Staff

This all staff program guides your employees through an interactive exploration of their relationship to recognition and the role it plays in their experience and motivation at work. Commonly paired with the Art of Acknowledgment Manager Training program, the all staff program creates a common language throughout your company regarding expressing and accepting appreciation. The program supports peer-to-peer recognition practices and paves the way for a new culture of acknowledgment and appreciation to emerge.


Executive Coaching & Personal Coaching

Chris provides one-on-one and group-coaching sessions to executives, managers, and individuals committed to enhancing their leadership and team management skills and their personal and professional effectiveness. With over 3,000 hours of direct coaching experience, working with a variety of local and international professionals, Chris is committed to helping people live extraordinary lives that inspire them.


Strategic Engagement Integration Meeting

We work with your Leadership and Learning Development team to explore and brainstorm ways to further integrate key engagement and recognition concepts into all aspects of your employee experience (Interview process, On-boarding, First 90 days, Yearly review, Staff meetings, Recognition events, etc.) The result is a concrete action plan and Recognition and Engagement resource list specific to your organization.